Building ‘Green’ in the Pacific Northwest

Nowadays, the masses of environmentally conscious PNW homeowners (and prospective homeowners) are opting for increasingly more Eco-friendly choices in building their homes. Recent decades have shown that the modern homeowner is far more concerned and aware of the impact construction can have on the environment.

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3 Helpful Hints for New Homeowners

Even after the shiny keys are in your hands, Disney & Associates will not leave you high and dry. We provide all of our home buyers with the resources they need to prepare them for successfully maintaining their Disney home.

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Semi Custom Home's by Disney Homes

Spec Home or Custom Home

When you are ready to purchase a new home, the choices can be overwhelming. Do you go with a Spec Home, a Custom Home, or something in between like a Semi Custom Home? With several basic floor plans available, Semi Custom Home’s from Disney Homes in Port Orchard, WA, give you the best of both worlds with a multitude of choices and luxury on a budget.

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