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Trades in Motion 2023

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In a world filled with endless career possibilities, it is crucial to equip our youth with the tools they will need to thrive in the working community. We do this by providing them with experience and skills that will offer them countless opportunities once they are done with school. Community outreach to youth is not just a noble endeavor; it’s a strategic investment for us all in building a stronger workforce in the skilled trade fields. Through meaningful engagement and support, we can inspire, educate and empower the young minds of our community to reach for the stars. 

Disney & Associates partnered with Nexus Electric and the Kitsap Builder’s Association to execute a program called Trades in Motion. This program is a hands-on educational program designed to teach youth within the surrounding community about the various skill trades and job opportunities available to them after graduation. This summer, our Trades in Motion team worked with the Bremerton Boys and Girls Club for an entire week, teaching them how to build a miniature home from start to finish. With the help of donations from Evergreen Lumber and Sherwin-Williams, the teens at the Boys and Girls Club were able to work with professionals on creating this home structure, with their skills ranging from floorboards and framing to electrical and painting. 

At each step of the building stages, our staff would first begin each day educating the youth on the tools they would be utilizing, as well as any safety measures needed in the trades environment. Staff were able to work one-on-one with the teens and show them how to use professional power tools and equipment, ensuring their safety and proper use. Several members expressed extreme interest in working with their hands, learning more about trade skills and how they can correlate for future employment. By breaking up the different skills each day, youth were able to properly digest and engage in a focused part of the build process. 

Community outreach for youth empowerment is a transformative endeavor that nurtures a sense of purpose and agency among the next generation. By investing time, resources, and genuine care into their growth, we pave the way for a brighter future. As we come together to provide guidance, support, and opportunities, we equip our youth with the confidence and skills they need to become leaders who shape our communities and the world at large.

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