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Building ‘Green’ in the Pacific Northwest

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Building ‘Green’ in the Pacific Northwest

If red houses are made from red brick, and yellow houses are made from yellow brick, what are green houses made from?

The typical answer to that joke is “glass”. In actuality, having a ‘green’ house has begun to take on a whole different meaning in this day and age. That is a good thing!

When humans first began building homes for themselves, the resources were plentiful. Granted these homes were far simpler than what goes into a home today.

Nowadays, the masses of environmentally conscious PNW homeowners (and prospective homeowners) are opting for increasingly more eco-friendly choices in building their homes. Recent decades have shown that the modern homeowner is far more concerned and aware of the impact construction can have on the environment. 

As long-time professionals in the Pacific Northwest contracting industry, Disney & Associates knows what it takes to build eco-friendly homes. We’re here with the scoop on what exactly that entails.

What Constitutes ‘Green’ Building?

(Eco-friendly Education is Key for Prospective Homeowners and Builders!)

When you hear “green building”, what do you think of? With trends in environmental awareness on the rise, most PNW natives automatically know that building ‘green’ refers to using materials that leave a minimal carbon footprint.

A ‘green’ building reduces negative impacts on the environment through a structure’s design, construction and ideally, operation.

The goal:

Preserve our Earth’s precious (not to mention limited!) materials to the best of our ability without compromising the structural integrity, comfort, and visual appeal of the building.

During the design and building process, Disney & Associates pay careful attention to the factors and details of a home (besides its paint!) that can contribute to it being truly ‘green’.

Here’s the basic ‘foundation’ of green home building principles:

  • Efficient use of energy (like electricity, gas, etc.), water and other resources
  • Use of renewable energy sources ( solar energy, for example)
  • Use of non-toxic materials (such as stains and paints) that are both ethically and sustainably sourced
  • Consideration of the quality of life of the future occupants in design and construction
  • A design that enables adaptation to a changing environment (especially important in a place like the PNW with both hot and cold seasons)

Really, ‘green’ building is not limited to residential home building. These principles can be applied to any kind of building project including offices, outbuildings, parking garages, etc.

Undoubtedly, expectations and circumstances surrounding each area of the naturally differ, especially considering that the resources available vary depending on where you live.

Here, the Pacific Northwest has its own specific environmental obligations, and here at Disney Homes are adapting to winds of environmental change.

Your 'GREEN' Semi Custom Home Awaits!
Building your new 'green' starts with getting in touch with us.

Environmental Building is Rewarded

Building in an environmentally friendly manner is so sought after these days that large construction projects can qualify to receive up to four ‘Green Globes’ in line with the efficiency of their work.

Sustainable building leads to long lasting, easy to maintain final results. This Green Globe program assesses the eco-friendliness of major buildings from beginning design stages to project completion.

The environmental impact of the project and final product is assessed and rated on a scale from one to four globes. Water, energy, and environmental efficiency are examined by the Green Building Initiative to determine if such a building qualifies to receive any of these awards.

Initiatives such as this ensure that ‘green’ building is recognized and rewarded, in an effort to encourage builders to think twice before letting inefficient and unsustainable practices become their norm.

Building Your Eco-Friendly ‘Green’ Home

Though the house you want to build more than likely isn’t the same playing field as one of these major construction projects, it can be approached in the same way. The expert builders at Disney & Associates have decades of experience in finding positive solutions for efficient home design and building.

Applying the principles of environmentally friendly construction to your personal home design will give you peace of mind and sense of accomplishment. You can rest easy with the knowledge that your gorgeous dream home did not come at the cost of the precious environment.

Weighing the Cost of ‘Green’ Home Design

You may be wondering if it’s really worth it to build with eco-friendly design and materials worrying that the initial cost may be slightly higher. True, the cost of not hurting the environment by choosing ‘green’ materials is a bit higher.

Consider this:

According to the National Institute of Building Sciences, experts have concluded that over a 30 year life-span of a typical building, operational and maintenance costs added up to be at least three times the initial construction costs. That’s a pretty drastic surge in numbers!

The truth is, the more efficient the initial design and construction, the more long term funds are saved. Although these statistics may be in the context of larger industrial facilities, the same principles apply in the construction of your home.

When you build with Disney & Associates, you will be building with high quality, eco-friendly materials. Investing in these sustainable choices will never be a mistake, especially in the long term.

A more efficient home means more savings in your pocket. For example, heating and cooling bills wildly decrease when your home is built efficiently.

Dream Homes – ‘Green’ Homes

Disney & Associates has been building custom and semi-custom homes in the greater Port Orchard area for years. Our trusted reputation attests to our unbeatable quality as well as our dedication to efficiency.

We offer  the proper evaluation, estimation, design, and overall construction required for those looking to contribute to the welfare of not only their private home, but also to the greater good of our shared home that provides all the materials and energy essential to live in comfort.

Build with Disney Homes and your new dwelling will not just be a dream home – it will be a ‘green’ home!

Leave a comment below with your thoughts on the ‘green’ home building or get in touch to discuss what you have in mind for your next ‘green’ build! We would love to hear from you and be a part of making your vision come to life!

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