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Reasons Living in a Beautiful Place Makes a Difference

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Reasons Living in a Beautiful Place Makes a Difference

Whether you are retiring or raising your children, you want the very best for your family. As a family first company here at Disney & Associates, our top priority is making sure that our clients enjoy a high quality of life.

It is no secret that life gets hectic. You need a home that helps you relax, recharge, and stay connected to your community, family, and roots. One of the factors that contribute to being able to achieve those goals is your environment.

Where your home is located can make all the difference. We’re here with our research on some important reasons why living in a beautiful place contributes to the quality of your life.

Higher Air Quality Promotes Health

Who doesn’t want to start and finish each day with big breaths of fresh air? The air we breathe today is heavily affected by industrial emissions and other pollutants, especially in densely populated city.

According to studies conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), “Ozone exposure also aggravates asthma and lung diseases such as emphysema leading to increased medication use, hospital admissions, and emergency department visits. Exposure to ozone may also increase the risk of premature mortality from respiratory causes.”

In view of the dismal consequences of poor air quality, finding a home in a location where you can be safe is important to your family’s long-term health.

Natural Surroundings Reverse Stress

Humans tend to seek nature and greenery. Unfortunately, with so much overtime put in each week at many offices and other factors contributing to our busy schedules, we tend to put nature on the back burner. The stress piles up with no outlet.

Stress is known to lead to health problems. According to the Mayo Clinic, stress is linked to issues such as high blood pressure, headaches, depression, poor eating habits, substance abuse, muscle tension, sleep problems, and a slew of other dangerous health conditions.

The fact is that humans need to be in nature. It is a proven stress reliever.

Get this:

Astoundingly, some researchers have proven that even the simple act of looking at a photo of nature or placing a single plant in a room can have a positive effect on the mental state of humans.

If such a small thing can contribute to lessening stress, imagine the impact of living in a natural setting. Science says that residing in a location surrounded by greenery and other beautiful, natural sights can improve mental and emotional health.

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More Opportunities for Family and Community Time

When you live in an area that offers multiple nearby recreational options, your family will be more likely to go spend time outside together. Having parks, trails, bodies of water, woods, or other great outdoor features surrounding your home creates more opportunities for you and your family to go make memories.

People bond over enjoying the beauty of nature together. Having a get together in a nearby park or going on a hike with friends and family truly adds to the quality of our life as humans. When you don’t even have to get in the car and drive to go do those things, it’s even better.

Dream Homes in Beautiful Settings

Here at Disney & Associates, we care about our family and yours. We want you to have the home of your dreams in the most beautiful setting possible. That is why we are offering gorgeous homes on some of the prettiest plots in the PNW.

Disney homes are built in park-like settings, surrounded by trees and all the fresh air you can fit in your lungs. Many of our homes have nearby access to trails and private lakes as well as breath-taking views.

A gorgeous Disney-built home in a natural setting makes the perfect location for raising your family or enjoying your retirement. No matter the phase your family is at, Disney & Associates are happy to work with you to create a picturesque, low-stress home.

Get in touch with Disney & Associates to nail down your family’s dream home location!

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