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Walls & Drywall

Hardwood flooring is made from real wood. As such, the staining of the flooring can have variations in color following the grain of the wood. There could be knots or other factors that are common in natural wood. This is an expected element and adds to the beauty of your floor. The flooring installed in your home is designed for normal wear. Homeowner overuse causing damage to your floor are not considered normal wear are not warrantied. These include, but are not limited to, things like dragging heavy furniture across your flooring, failure to put furniture caps on chairs, failure to remove sand or dirt collected on furniture caps, high heels missing caps, pets scratching or digging at flooring, and outdoor play vehicles rolling across flooring. Standing water will damage your floor, causing it to swell and separate. It is recommended that you wipe up spills immediately to keep this from occurring. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning and care of your floor. Use of furniture polish is not recommended as this will cause the flooring to become very slick and can result in falls in your home. Excessive dirt or sand on floor will scratch your floors surface if not removed regularly.

Wood Trim

The condition of the wood trim of your home will be confirmed as satisfactory during the Homeowner walk through prior to move in. All wood products can expand and contract during temperature changes, potentially adding space between the wall and the trim, or where trim pieces meet. This can be corrected by adding another finish nail to the wall or caulking to fill in the space. Damage to wood trim can occur by excessive force, such as inadvertently kicking it while walking by, hitting it forcefully with the vacuum cleaner, slamming interior and exterior doors, etc. Water left on wood trim will soak in and warp or otherwise damage the wood trim. It is recommended that you wipe up any water, particularly on trim near sinks or windows. Damage to trim is not covered under your warranty.


You will receive color codes used in of your home. The manufacturer will provide you a coupon for one free gallon of paint for touch ups. Paint will be inspected at homeowner acceptance as satisfactory from a distance of seven feet and is not a warranty item. Follow manufacture guidelines for care of your paint. Common issues with paint are cleaning with corrosive or abrasive cleaners or scouring pads. Only use soft cloths and mild soaps on your paint. Touch ups may be necessary as time passes or during correction of warranty issues. There is no guarantee that the paint color will exactly match upon touch up, as variations in formulas or ingredients.