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Garage Doors

Please see the user guide for your garage door opener for care and maintenance. Your garage door is verified during customer orientation to check for any defects. Your garage door should be maintained per manufacturer recommendations. Maintenance of the garage door is a homeowner responsibility.

Doors and Locks

Doors and locks will be reviewed and accepted during the Homeowner review prior to move in. It is possible, as wood products expand and contract, for the door to need additional weather tape to close any air gaps that result from this process on exterior doors. This is a homeowner maintenance item, and weather stripping can be purchased at your local hardware store. Forceful closing of doors can damage the door or the trim surrounding the door and even the wall. This is not recommended and is not covered under warranty. Sagging doors caused by hanging and swinging on doors are not covered under warranty. Regular maintenance of hinges and door locks include lubricating with a waterproof lubricant. It may also be necessary, due to expansion or contraction of wood products, to realign the door latch by repositioning the latch plate and is a homeowner maintenance item.