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(Also found under “Appliances”)
Appliances & fireplaces should be maintained with regular cleaning, using a non-corrosive cleaner as recommended by the manufacturer of your appliance. This includes, where necessary or possible, moving the appliance away from the wall and removing dust from underneath and behind the unit. Take care in moving your appliances across your flooring when doing so. Damage caused by dragging heavy items across flooring is not covered by Disney and Associates warranty. Each appliance manufacturer provides a manufacturer’s warranty. Please become familiar with the terms of their warranty, and should your appliance fail, contact the manufacturer directly for correction. Please be aware that many manufacturers request that you return a registration card, it is recommended you do so to ensure that your manufacturer’s warranty is valid.

Gas Shut Off

You should know where the shut off valve is in the event of an emergency. While natural gas has no odor, a harmless chemical called mercaptan is added that gives the gas a smell of rotten eggs. If you believe you have a gas leak, move the valve to the off position immediately and call the gas provider.