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Weather and settling will cause minor cracks in your asphalt. This is an expected result of an item designed to be out doors and is not a defect in construction. As asphalt is a petroleum product, it can be dissolved with petroleum or other solvents. Take care not to spill such products on your asphalt. If this should inadvertently occur, then wash immediately with water and mild soap. During extreme heat, it is recommended that you do not leave a vehicle parked for extensive periods of time, as this can cause lumps in the surface of your asphalt. The asphalt is designed for regular use of single family vehicles. It is not designed for traffic of heavy equipment, busses, semi-trucks, or the like. Traffic from vehicles such as this can break down the asphalt and crack the edges.  This damage is not covered under warranty.


Concrete will shrink as it dries, and some of this shrinkage will cause cracks in the concrete.  Temperature changes will also cause cracks as the concrete expands and contracts. Clean your concrete by sweeping debris from the surface. It is not recommended that you wash your concrete with water, especially cold hose water on a very hot day, this could cause the surface to crack. The driveway is created for residential traffic, so it is not recommended that you drive large trucks on your concrete as this can crack or damage your concrete. Chemicals on your concrete can cause surface chipping, keep free of chemicals. Chips and cracks in your concrete slabs are a homeowner maintenance issue and are not covered under warranty.


Foundations are built to county code and inspected by same. Small cracks may appear and are not detrimental to structural support. Cosmetic issues such as seams where two pours meet are not covered under warranty.  The ground surrounding your home has been graded so that the water will run away from your home. It is not recommended that you change the fall of the soil surrounding your home, as this can cause water to build up around the foundation.