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Air Conditioning

The thermostat inside your home controls the temperature that your air conditioning unit will maintain. It is recommended that you keep your home at a consistent temperature, as it will take a long period of time to cool the inside of your home to your desired temperature. To keep your system functioning most efficiently, it is recommended to keep curtains or blinds closed during the heat of the day, keep exterior doors and windows closed, and keep interior doors open. Condensation is a normal by product of air conditioning, and the water from the air will collect in a reserve which is then pumped outside your home. Yearly inspection of this pump is recommended to ensure that condensation is removed from the unit. You will receive an owner’s manual and warranty information for your heating and air conditioning unit. Please be familiar with this, and if you have a warranty item, contact them directly for resolution.

Air Quality

Your home has a fresh air unit as part of your heating and air conditioning unit, which keeps the air circulating and helps keep mildew from forming. Your bathrooms and kitchen have fans installed to help control steam and resulting condensation. It is also not recommended to close individual room vents on a continual or long-term basis.


It is recommended that you replace your filters per manufacturers guidelines.