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Mirrors are inspected during customer acceptance as satisfactory. Clean mirrors with a non-corrosive window cleaner. Be careful not to apply any caustic products, especially to the back of mirrors as this can remove the reflective coating and make your mirror unclear or foggy. Use only a soft rag or towel so that you do not scratch the surface of your mirror.


A dripping faucet usually means that a new washer is needed, and these can be found at your local hardware store. Follow manufacturer’s instructions on how to install a new washer. Freezing pipes could occur during cold weather if you leave your home unheated. Outside water faucets technology has changed; they are designed to seal with a ¼ turn and then drain any residual water in the pipe after shutting off. It is not necessary to crank the handle down to seal the water, in fact this can damage the washer internally, causing future leakage. Outside water faucets should have hoses removed and should be covered with insulation during the winter months. These faucet covers can be purchased at your local hardware store. If you experience a major plumbing leak, turn off the water so that water does not continue to spread and damage other parts of your home. Then contact a contractor for correction. Disney and Associates will correct plumbing leaks not caused by homeowner misuse (like freezing pipes) during the 1-year warranty period. Neither personal belongings or personally installed items (like drapes, wallpaper, etc.) are covered and can likely be recovered via your homeowner’s insurance. Plumbing fixtures will be accepted as satisfactory during customer walk through. Subsequent chipping or cracks in fixtures are not a warrantied item.

Septic Tank

Please see use and care guides for your septic tank, including recommendations from the Health Department. Septic systems are designed to accommodate each home dependent on the number of bedrooms (and therefore, number of persons using the septic system). Overuse of your septic system could cause overfilling, odor, and damage to your system. This is not covered under warranty.