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Electrical Systems

Your breaker panel controls the current within your home.  Breakers have three settings 1) on 2) off and 3) tripped. A tripped breaker can occur when that breaker is overloaded. If something in your home is not working, check your breaker panel first.  Each breaker is labeled for ease of locating the appropriate breaker. Some of the outlets have a GFCI installed, check that this is not tripped next (push reset button). Fixture locations are selected by Disney Homes. Specific fixtures, additional plug-ins, or other customization is an option available during the construction phase at an additional cost. Should the sheetrock be applied, this is not a changeable item.


Fixtures are designated satisfactory upon homeowner review. Depending on location or material, they may tarnish over time. Use an appropriate cleaner to maintain. Fixtures, once accepted at the initial walk through, are not covered under warranty. Items such as closet shelving are placed per standard code. Should you wish to have these items placed differently, it should be discussed prior to home completion. Once placed, these items are the responsibility of the homeowner to relocate, including any subsequent damage to walls from that movement.

Phone & Cable Jacks

Phone and cable jacks will be moved if an installed cabinet by the builder covers the usability of the jack. Disney and Associates will ensure that the jacks are in good working order upon your move in within the home. Outside phone and cable lines are the responsibility of the phone and/or cable company and Disney and Associates will not correct issues with outside lines. Pests damaging the wires can cause the lines to fail. Disney and Associates does not warrant against infestations.

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Please see use and care guides for your septic tank, including recommendations from the Health Department. Septic systems are designed to accommodate each home dependent on the number of bedrooms (and therefore, number of persons using the septic system). Overuse of your septic system could cause overfilling, odor, and damage to your system. This is not covered under warranty.