About Us

With a passion for construction, backed by years of wisdom under his belt, Bob Disney went into business as a general contractor in 1998. From the start, he committed himself and his enterprise to a high standard, in terms of both quality and customer service. At the very foundation of Disney & Associates is the value placed on client relationships along with superior methods of home construction. Now, two decades later, Disney Homes still clings to the principles it was founded on – honest business, unmatched quality, and fair prices.

Core Values

Firm – We stand behind what we do, and stand up for what we believe in. We know that direct, open communication is critical to success with our customers and business partners.

Fair – We use our moral compass to make decisions. We are honest and act with the highest integrity. We do the right thing, even when it hurts. We accept when we make mistakes, and we make them right!

Respectful – We believe in the golden rule. We listen. We think outside the box, and we value new ideas.


Building a home for your life. At Disney and Associates, Inc. we teach our employees a craft that they can be proud of, we value our vendors and subcontractors as part of our team, we build a forever home for our customers, and we give back to the communities where we live and work.


Our vision is to be the innovative leader in construction, to make a difference in the future of construction, and to be recognized for the positive experiences we create for our customers and the communities where we work.


To be known as the leader in our region providing the highest quality professional services.
To create sustainability by diversifying product offerings.
To hire and retain top talent and to provide sustainable, comprehensive compensation packages.

Our Story

As Founder and Owner of Disney & Associates, Bob Disney consistently focuses on upholding the high customer service standards and unbeatable construction techniques that have made his business a local legend in Semi-Custom home building in Washington State. His aim is to work along with customers to provide them with quality they can trust.

Disney Homes prides itself on delivering high value homes at fair pricing. Investing in building your PNW dream home is a massive decision. When you choose Disney & Associates as your home builder, you can rest assured that your investment is worthwhile. We are committed to giving our clients the best bang for their buck without compromising on quality.

Working Together to Build Your Dream Home

No two potential homeowners are exactly alike. That is why early on in every project, Disney Homes establishes open, one-on-one communication with our clients. The more we can identify and understand our customers’ individual needs, the better equipped we are to materialize their dream into a tangible home that their family will be able enjoy for decades to come.

A Home Built Just for You

We take time to really listen to our customers and work together with them to get them exactly what they are looking for. Disney Homes offers a wide range of customization options that make our semi-custom homes feel completely custom without the headache of actually starting from scratch. Our existing layouts have been designed to anticipate the needs of your family, and with the finishing options available, we can help you achieve exactly the style you are looking for.

Disney & Associates have a hard-earned reputation of going above and beyond when it comes to our customer service. After years in the industry, we know how to problem solve to suit the needs of each of our clients. We have also built priceless relationships with top leaders in city and building jurisdictions throughout the Washington.

Invest Smart – Choose Disney Homes

Here at Disney Homes, we are currently involved with a number of exciting investment properties (such as The Ridge at Buck Lake), and are happy to offer these great opportunities for you and your family! Put simply, we have the investing experience it takes to over-deliver when it comes to value. The quality that we deliver has turned many PNW residents into repeat clients.

Our project management experience stretches beyond simple house building. Disney & Associates has experience in everything from restaurants and other commercial projects to large housing tracks, tenant improvements, and remodels. Whether dealing with private projects or large investment groups, we have the know-how to tackle nearly any kind of general contracting work.

While primarily known for new construction in WA State, Disney & Associates simultaneously manages a variety of projects at once, as a general contractor. For example, we also provide home additions, basement remodels, kitchen and bathroom remodels, and so much more.

Building From the Ground Up

Disney & Associates is a full-service general contractor with an understanding of every discipline of the construction process. Whether dealing with insurance claims, the loan process, site planning, or any other headache you don’t want to have when building your home – we’ll do it for you! We even have partnerships with local lenders that can greatly benefit you and make your investment more worthwhile.

As a top quality contractor, Disney Homes knows every phase of the construction process. From design to construction and from site development to engineering, we have the experience it takes!

Before the process even begins, we work to establish blueprints not only for the building, but for the actual completion of the project itself. We develop and agree on fair expectations within the budget of our clients. We work efficiently and cost-effectively, sticking to our time tables, and completing projects on schedule. If there does happen to be a delay due to natural forces, such as inclement PNW weather, we will be open and honest with you about the progress of the project.

Our thorough communication, team work, budget-awareness, and quality construction is something you can count on. We hold each member of our team to the Disney Homes standard! Above all, we never forget that our most important job is to help you and your family build your new dream home. We look forward to working together with you.

We know it from the dirt to the doorknobs!

How we Provide so Much Value for Such a Small Investment

Our homes are a cross between a Spec Home and a Semi-Custom Home.  While you have several choices for the base layout of your NEW HOME, the possibilities for additions, colors, roofing materials, paint, doors, garages, fireplaces, windows and more are nearly limitless!  

Please stop by our BRAND NEW interactive Disney Homes  Showroom in Port Orchard, WA and experience for yourself what it’s like to see your home come to life on a computer screen with our new software. Look, touch, and feel exactly what your new home could look like! 

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